Donations now accepted!

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Donations now accepted!

Post  TrrnShow on Wed May 02, 2012 1:38 am

I now accept donations to become a [Premium] on my server. You will get access to build in the 'Premium Area', along with many new commands! here are few of the many new commands:
/gamemode (only allowed to change your own, or you will lose Premium!)
There are MANY more. trust me!

You also start with bread on EVERY hunger games you participate in! Razz
Winner of the Hunger Games gets a FREE house in the 'Victors Village'!

The sad part is that I only accept code related items! I do not do paypal or Checks. Not even cash!

So far, the only things I accept are:
Microsoft Points
Minecraft Gift code

If you know something else, please reply!


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